Risk Mitigation Services from RMS

Risk Mitigation ServicesRMS or Risk Mitigation Services is dedicated to help health care organizations, health care providers, law firms and malpractice carriers in assessing individual cases and manage risk in the surgical field.

Myles Gart, CEO and President of RMS with his 20 years of experience in surgical realm has developed the critical acumen necessary to help those who are looking for expert knowledge on the standard of care in surgical cases.

RMS believes that once a case enters the legal arena, all the involved people will need to prepare for their depositions. So, it provides the proactive legal review service with a complete chart review of surgical case management and complete surgical case review along with an expert analysis on the potential future litigation.

RMS has extended its hand of legal assistance towards malpractice carriers, medical defense law firms, hospitals’ or systems’ internal risk managers and hospitals’ or systems’ medical staff peer review committee.

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