Easy Site Edit for Site Owners

I know several site owners who would never update their websites because they think it is too much hassle to contact a guy knowing HTML and web design, explain the required changes to him and then wait for the update because the guy is busy – all this at a pretty hefty fee.

Have you been losing business or money because you have not updated your product specs or prices. A friend recently lamented, “I had to sell my Payroll package at 20% lower price because the web site was not updated when I increased the price of the software.”

Easy Site Edit brings hope. This is an easy to use software that you install on your web site and then you can change any aspect or content of your site any time of the day, as many times in a day as you want. Whether you want to update the price, or mention another feature or add a testimonial. All this without the risk of messing up the codes or the look and feel. The software takes an automatic backup of the page being updated, so if you go wrong, just restore the last copy.

“And if I cannot edit my site, how on earth can I install a software on the site”, you might ask. Easy Site Edit people have thought about this also. They offer a 100% FREE installation service to all site owners who require this service.

I liked the concept of being able to take full site backups very much. This allows you to take a snapshot of the whole site and add a comment to this. So you may take a full site backup before embarking on a major site overhaul.

Get started on your site update – it’s easy!