Compliance Tracking

Compliance Tracking software

Missed some compliance task and paid a late fee or penalty recently? Not your fault. There are 100s of compliances like Advance tax, TDS, GST, ESI, PF and what not. Then there are non-statutory things to do like rent, credit card bills, and client reports.

To make things worse, these are due on different dates. Some of these are to be done daily and some weekly. Some are to be done once every quarter, half-year or year. Mind boggling, no?

CTRACKER to the rescue

CTRACKER is the software to bring all these under one roof and under full control. This is an Internet based software and therefore, accessible anytime from anywhere.

Create a user account for each of your team member and they can record all their compliance needs in the software along with the due date and repetition frequency.

Now they can check on their task status at any time and mark these as complete after doing the needful. Each of them will get a daily morning reminder for things due that day as well as overdue tasks.

I don’t want to install another software!

You don’t have to. You don’t have to bother about downloading any software or app. No need to worry about operating systems, computer languages, web hosting or anything like that.

We install, maintain, upgrade and take care of all the techie stuff. You just login and use. And complete your compliances in time thereby avoiding all the late fees and penalties.

How much for peace of mind?

What is a good investment for all the convenience? You will be surprised. Just Rs 5,000 3,000 per year (comes to Rs 250 per month) + GST and you are sorted.

How about support?

Very prompt. While we think you won’t ever need it, you can email us, call us or even better, send us a WhatsApp on your dedicated support group and someone will very quickly get back to you. We regularly get comments like “That was fast!

I am impressed! How to order!

Just visit CTRACKER website and ask for a demo. Or order right away and get started fast.

Mexican Food in Albuquerque

Mexican Food - TacosKrazy Lizard Taqueria has launched a new outlet in Albuquerque offering excellent Mexican food like seafood, tacos and burritos.

They use fresh ingredients and the tortillas and sandwich rolls are made in house with organic flour. Their Mexican gourmet sandwiches are a must try item as are the different tacos.

Krazy Lizard offers the hottest salsa in town and it is well worth trying once.

To maintain the Krazy prices, they do ask you to order at the register. However, you can eat inside or sit at one of the few tables outside to enjoy the sun.

Brand Protection – get your .co name

Do you know that the .co domain names have been relaunched recently? While .co is actually meant for a business in Colombia, it is getting very popular because it is so similar to .com and can stand for a COmmercial site or a COmpany.

There are 2 ways you can benefit from the .co domain names:

  1. You can buy the .co name for your business if you already own the .com to protect the brand. You don’t want someone breathing down your neck with a deceptively similar name.
  2. You can buy the .co name if you did not get .com name when you started off. You can also keep watching for the .com name so that you can grab it if the owner forgets to renew it or decides to sell it off.

Also you can reserve the .co name for your main keywords (better hurry as the keyword rich names are disappearing fast). It is an open secret that Google gives a lot of priority to sites with keywords in the domain name when ranking the sites.

We have put up a few .co names for sale here. Check out if any of these interest you. You can get them cheap if you make a good offer. Naturally they will become more expensive after they have aged a little.

YuvaPower Launches Youth Forum

YuvaPower today launched its youth forum with focus on topics related to entertainment, career and education. The forum members share their thoughts and experiences about movies, music, cool hangouts, restaurants and other such topics.

While they have fun discussing these issues, there is another serious aspect of the forum filled with tips on sailing through the interviews. They also discuss activities that one can indulge in, after passing out from their standard X, XII and graduation exams.

Out of the several sections available already, these are getting instant attention and popularity–

  • Music videos – live playback on the forum through YouTube integration
  • Fun news – amusing news from around the world
  • Interview tips – what to do and not to do during your interview – for a much higher success rate
  • Picture gallery – post your personal and family pics here and rate those of others
  • Favourite hangouts – where do you want to be seen on the next holiday

The registration is FREE! If you want to hang around with youthful people, YuvaPower is the place to be seen at.

Insider Rollout Secrets – Neil Shearing

Neil Shearing is one smart cookie – he used some cool product launch techniques to ramp up sales of $253,603.47 for his Adsense ebook, Auto Income Secrets. I always wondered how do these guys get sales of more than a quarter million dollars and like with simple ebooks costing less than $100! Now Neil is willing to bare it all 🙂

He has outlined the complete step-by-step plan in his new ebook, Insider Rollout Secrets. These are the same powerful techniques and strategies, which he used to generate enormous sales for his other ebook. How he planned JVs, how he got the affiliates drooling over his product, how he used the power of 7 and 70 to get the prospective customers to buy now and much more.

Funnily Neil says, “You know what’s amusing? When you consult your own Rollout ebook during the launch of your own Rollout ebook! :-)”

By the way, Neil is offering a $10 introductory discount on orders for the first few days only, so check it out and grab your copy today to save ten bucks! (Now this is another idea from his ebook – a discount for the first few days to generate time scarcity, buy now or pay more later).

I don’t want to give you another fancy reason to buy. I got my copy, enjoyed it thoroughly and feel that it is worth every penny you invest for this ebook. Now you can’t make money by just buying this book but if you are planning to rollout a product (physical or electronic) anytime soon, do not miss it. Get it now —
Insider Rollout Secrets by Neil Shearing

Google Page Creator

Google today launched Google page creator service where you can create small web sites (with 100 MB space, you can get fairly big though).

It is an interactive builder, quite simple and does not require knowledge of HTML or FTP or any similar geek stuff. They have a large number of designs and layouts, so you can get fairly unique. The login is the same as your Gmail ID, so this becomes the complete solution including the web site and email. If you don’t like the URL (something like, you can buy a domain and redirect the domain to this page.

Marketing Makeover Generator Launches

Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian and Rick Raddatz have launched Marketing Makeover Generator software, which helps you implement proven marketing magnets on your site in minutes and get instant improvements in opt-in and sales. A limited time 7-day trial is available here for $1 only.

Internet marketers have realized long back that if a web site visitor won’t give you his name and email address, he will not buy from you. It requires up to 7 contacts for a prospect to become a customer and if you are not capturing the visitor’s name and address for later follow-ups, you are leaving lots of money on the table.

This is why, savvy marketers set up their landing pages and home page as name squeeze pages where the visitors opt-in by providing their name and email address. This enables them to follow up on the prospects repeatedly till they buy or die (opt-out). A very powerful technique to increase the sales per visitor.

Checkout marketing makeover magic and see for yourself the power of this technology, without needing to invest huge sums of money or time.

Butterfly Marketing – Studying Its Launch

I have been watching the launch of Butterfly Marketing by Mike Filsaime with great interest and am happy to share my findings with you. Feel free to study these findings and apply some of them to your marketing.

Disclaimer: I am NOT an affiliate of Mike and there are no links here that I earn from.

Remember that Jeff Walker is helping Mike with this launch and he recently revealed in a newsletter his belief that this launch is going to be big, based on some insider numbers that he is privy to.

Naturally there are some high profile Internet marketers helping Mike with this launch, who are all promoting the package with the expectation that you will buy through their affiliate link. Most of these affiliates are offering a fat package of bonuses that you can get if you buy through them. The funny thing I noticed is that some people are offering n numbers of their own ebooks and study courses. Will you rather read and implement the butterfly marketing manual or their ebooks and courses?

Some smart souls like Jeff have already realised the folly and are offering a chance to join a mastermind group with them. The group will dissect the ideas in the butterfly marketing course and the members will push each other up. I believe this is a very useful idea and if you are buying the course, you should do that through some such person. Not only you learn a lot, this is a tremendous networking opportunity.

To create the pre-launch buzz and to make sure that there are a large number of people in the sales funnel, Mike had a teleconference with Mark Joyner. People can register to attend that teleconference and also to win a FREE copy of the course. As you can see, the lure of being able to win a copy of a $997 product is big enough to drive a large number of people to register.

Then I noticed that a chapter from the book got leaked on a marketing forum. I am sure that this is a deliberate attempt to arouse curiosity and interest and a part of the marketing strategy. Michel Fortin had similarly allowed people to see some snapshots of the Traffic Secrets package when John Reese was launching it. This type of drip feeding keeps the buzz alive.

Soon after the launch (hope that is very successful), you can look forward to see a special report by Mike about how he pulled off such a big launch successfully and may be beat John Reese who
had a million dollar day and Frank Kern who sold more than a million in a few hours.

Learning from Successful Product Launches

Michel Fortin, the great copywriter has made an interesting blog post about learning from successful product launches.

When people launch products successfully, they have employed strategy and tactics that other successful marketers have also applied – with a twist. You can’t copy someone’s actions blindly and expect to rake in the same success. There are a lot of factors like product quality, joint venture partners and like contributing.

You should watch the entire process carefully, like how they are building buzz and anticipation, releasing teaser snapshots – even the name they give to affiliate sub-directories like Then apply these to your marketing but after adapting the tactics to your own product and not by blindly copying.

If you are attentive enough, you will not need to buy the “How I did my product launch” report that most of them launch and make extra money with 😉

Adsense Revenue Exposed

If you have a content site, you can make a nice chunk of money running Google Adsense ads on this site. But how do you get started? What are the secrets to do a great job running Adsense ads on your site? What are the pitfalls? How can you maximize your earnings?

All these are explained in a very simple manner in our new release – Adsense Revenue Exposed. Here’s how you can get the best out of this book –

1. Read the entire book in one session (should take less than 1 hour).

2. Then study the chapters one by one again implementing the ideas on your site at the same time. This way you can start seeing the improvements in the results while you go.

Don’t forget – testing is the most vital ingredient of success. Some ideas may produce much higher improvement in your results than others. But overall you will be earning much more money from your site – for sure.

Get Adsense Revenue Exposed at a special introductory price.