Easy Bookmarks – Personal Bookmarks Page For 1-click Access To Your Favorite Sites

We have launched the beta version of an interesting new concept. EasyBM lets you create an online bookmarks page that is accessible from anywhere in the world. You can add all your favorite sites to this page and categorize them under several heads.

Just launch this page in a browser and then you can open any site listed there with 1-click. Some URLs like bank account login page, website stats page and specific forum pages can have pretty long and convoluted URLs that are difficult to remember. easyBM lets you access any of those rather easily.

Here’s a tip to get the most out of easyBM —

Set the home page of your computer to your easyBM page. This way, you just load your browser and a clear roadmap to all your favorite sites will be right in front of you.

You can register for your personal bookmarks page here.