Insider Rollout Secrets – Neil Shearing

Neil Shearing is one smart cookie – he used some cool product launch techniques to ramp up sales of $253,603.47 for his Adsense ebook, Auto Income Secrets. I always wondered how do these guys get sales of more than a quarter million dollars and like with simple ebooks costing less than $100! Now Neil is willing to bare it all 🙂

He has outlined the complete step-by-step plan in his new ebook, Insider Rollout Secrets. These are the same powerful techniques and strategies, which he used to generate enormous sales for his other ebook. How he planned JVs, how he got the affiliates drooling over his product, how he used the power of 7 and 70 to get the prospective customers to buy now and much more.

Funnily Neil says, “You know what’s amusing? When you consult your own Rollout ebook during the launch of your own Rollout ebook! :-)”

By the way, Neil is offering a $10 introductory discount on orders for the first few days only, so check it out and grab your copy today to save ten bucks! (Now this is another idea from his ebook – a discount for the first few days to generate time scarcity, buy now or pay more later).

I don’t want to give you another fancy reason to buy. I got my copy, enjoyed it thoroughly and feel that it is worth every penny you invest for this ebook. Now you can’t make money by just buying this book but if you are planning to rollout a product (physical or electronic) anytime soon, do not miss it. Get it now —
Insider Rollout Secrets by Neil Shearing