Has Google Increased Your Adwords Bid Prices?


Did you get hit by Google’s policy change that unfairly raised the prices on tens of thousands of Adwords Advertisers?

Are you still trying to recover and to find your lost traffic?

Did you, like thousands of other people, plead and appeal to Google to at least let just YOU have those lower click rates back?

Or, did you ask them what you could do to fix your site?

It’s unlikely that anyone from Google has offered to help (I’ve heard the phrase ‘deaf ears’ used a lot recently). But there is, finally, a solution.

It’s called ‘Googleicious’, and it’s a Free Report that reveals 6 Steps to Make Your Website irresistible to Google’s Spiders, Bots and Site Quality Detectives, and Drop Your Cost Per Click by 90% to 99% or more.

My friend and business associate Mark Widawer is the author of this special report, and he should know what he’s talking about. He is a Google Adwords Qualified Professional, and he wrote the authoritative guide on landing pages, the Landing Page Cash Machine ebook. If you ever had the chance to read it, you know how easy Mark makes it to sell more of your product or service to more visitors, each and every day.

Whether you’re getting that traffic from Google or not.

Mark makes lowering your Cost Per Click just as easy to understand and do, and he has invited me to tell you about his Googleicious report, and how you can download it.

I’m a bit shocked to tell you, though, that this is not one of those $100 or ebooks or $500 home study courses. Actually, Mark is making his Googleicious report available to my readers for — you won’t believe this — Free.

I’m not sure how long Mark is going to be offering this report for free, but you can get your copy here.

I just finished reading my copy, and I can tell you now, it’s going to change everything about how you think about your website, your landing page, and how much (or little) you pay Google for each and every visitor.