Armand Morin Launches Hostorix, the fail safe hosting service

header-hostorix.jpgArmand Morin, a reputed Internet marketer has launched Hostorix – the fail safe hosting at the Big Seminar. He has taken a saturated market like web hosting, added a nice twist of a fail-safe raid server for reliability (that’s so important for the Internet marketing business) and launched it under the twisted name – Hostorix.

Hostorix claims that a redundant server takes over and keeps your web site running and online when the main server has failed for whatever reason. This is technically called a Raid server and distributes the web site content across multiple servers to increase the availability of the system. Some key features that I find very important:

  • Cpanel based configuration management – very easy even for newbies.
  • Fantastico lets you easily install and configure about 50 software.
  • Interactive site builder software – sack your web designer.
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Quality log management with Awstats and Urchin – peek into your users’ behavior.
  • Daily site backups so you can relax.

You must check out the full Hostorix offer and sign-up to this rewarding deal. What’s more, you can even refer other friends and/or clients to make a nice residual income per month.