Conservatories Online

A leading business group of United Kingdom is launching a new venture. They are offering people in UK an opportunity to design their dream conservatory online by selecting all aspects like design, colour, number of windows and doors, roof style and like.

Once you finalise your design, you are offered an instant online quote and a special online discount. Then the conservatory is delivered to anywhere in UK free of any shipping charge. Just open the flat boxes and assemble your own conservatory or take the help of a local builder.

They claim that this system of interactively designing the conservatory online is a unique proposition and will become a standard procedure soon for all conservatory marketers.

Design your conservatory online here.

Product Launch Formula Is Launched

It’s live. Jeff Walker has launched his product launch formula with a bang and while the exact figures are not yet available, it appears to have picked up excellent traffic. Here is another trick that Jeff used –

He made it clear on the site that if you subscribed to his launch list, you could get a half-hour advance notice and special buying window. He killed 2 birds with one stone. He built a big list of prospects because anybody who was remotely interested in exploring the package wanted to get the preferential treatment. Also this message gave a sub-conscious signal to the prospects that the package may be sold-out within this half hour window, so they must make their buying decision quick or they may lose out. Excellent way to push the procastrination.

There was a small hiccup though. Jeff sent a note that Paypal site (Jeff is accepting payment by Paypal) went down just after launch (what a concidence!) and therefore, several interested people could not place their orders. I am not sure whether this was really a bad coincidence or Jeff got lower-than-expected response and wanted an excuse to send a mail and push some more fence-sitters.

Jeff Walker Launches *It* Anytime Now

Jeff Walker will make available his product launch formula anytime now. As per his claim, he will only sell 470 or so copies in the first lot as he has only ordered 500 sets to be made in the first edition and 30 were given away to his partners.

Frankly I am not his release partner, so I do not get any commission if you buy his kit. But it should be so good that I have no reservation about recommending this. This is because I have been watching his launch exercise and I am quite impressed.

The thing that impressed me most is this – he has alloted special URLs to his release partners (hand-picked affiliates) and these look so innocent that you will have a tough time identifying these as affiliate URLs.

What do you say about this – (Paul Myer’s URL)

or this – (Allan Gardyne’s URL)

Amazing trick, no? I am sure you will apply such ideas in your promotion too.

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Market Research Before The Launch

Before you launch, may be even before you have created your product, you must find out what does the market want. Every product must serve a demand or fulfil a need, no?

A very useful way to find out the burning needs of a market is to ask. And The Ask Database is a great way to do this. Or you can The Survey Monkey. However you need to have an in-house list of prospects whom you can ask.

Otherwise, you can consider running a PPC campaign and ask the visitors what they want. A very quick way to verify that your ideas really do have the market potential.

All About Successful Product Launches

A product launch is a very vital event for any company. If you play your cards well, you can bask in the glory or else…

Jeff Walker is a product launch expert. He has been instrumental in some really successful launches. And now he is on the verge of another launch – this time, it’s his own product – the Product Launch Formula.

We will watch his launch with lots of interest and try to decipher some of the tricks he is using to make this event as successful as can be.

The D-day is on Friday, October 21st, 2005. Be there!