How many ways can you make $100 per day online?

20-ways-100-dollars.jpgDo you make at least $100 per day online? Want to? How many ways do you think this can be done? I know of at least 20. You want to know these 20 ways too? Here’s how:

Willie Crawford, a reputed Internet marketer, well known for his integrity and ingenious ways to market on the Internet, got the members of the Internet marketing Inner circle together to create an ebook, 20 Ways To Make $100 Per Day Online that lists some great and easy ways to make money online.

If you are just starting out on the Internet and are looking for some authentic advice on getting started on a strong footing and in the right direction – buy this book with confidence.

Russell Brunson Launches IM Myth: Get Some Easy Cash Promoting It

im-myth.jpgDo you want to make some easy money? You can let your list know about a brand new report by Russell Brunson, called the IM Myth and earn $1 per person who downloads the report. Russell is a well respected marketer who has got good insights about the Internet marketing and as a wrestler turned marketer, he knows what he talks about.

This report seems to convey the concept of tapping the offline world to promote the online products and not to depend entirely on the online promotion to see on the Internet. Useful information that can be built upon to improve your Internet marketing results.

Register your affiliate account for the IM Myth here.


Passive Cashflow Secrets Launched By Neil Shearing

passive-cashflow-secrets2.jpgThere are 2 ways to make money on the Internet. You can do some work and get paid everytime you work. Or you can work once and get paid multiple times. Which one would you choose, given an option? Are you aware of the secrets that let you earn passive cashflow?

Neil Shearing is a versatile Internet marketer who works in the low profile. You won’t find him doing massive product launches every now and then. He does not hold those million-dollar launch records. However he does run a very successful and thriving Internet marketing business working (very little) from his home and spending most of his time with his lovely wife and son Adam. So how does he manage that passive cashflow that we are talking about?

You see, Neil has built a process for doing product launches and affiliate marketing. This involves affiliate marketing and joint ventures in a big way – capitalizing on a great relationship that he builds with most of the people he comes in contact with. He also keeps records that lets him see which ideas are working well and which ones need improvement or should be dumped. Would you be interested to peek into his process and results so that you can make your own marketing easier and generate better results doing lesser work?

This is what Michael Campbell, the great marketer has to say about Neil’s methods:

Neil’s virtual seminar is excellent for beginners, and anyone new to internet marketing. If you want passive income and to saunter down the path, with as little effort as possible, Neil Shearing’s Passive Cashflow will show you the way.



Start building your own passive cashflow.

By the way, if you hurry, you might be able to avail of the special $10 discount that Neil is offering to the early birds.


Membership Bootcamp Launched: Could You Sign-up?

Tim Kerber and Ryan Lee successfully launched their membership sites bootcamp coaching and have been selling the course at a brisk pace. They are reporting much higher response after introducing a 4-instalment payment plan. If you have not done so already, you must have a look at the sales page here.

The product launch expert, Jeff Walker has played a masterstroke again helping them organize the whole jigsaw puzzle so beautifully.

I noticed a few interesting things (not all new though) in the launch:

  • Quite a few big names like Joel Comm, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker were promoting the offer. They introduced the coaching program tothe members of Mike’s JV Notify Pro also.
  • The usual pre-sell videos were all there, getting the people in ready to buy anticipatory mood.
  • There were some nice bonuses from the JV partners to complement the main package.
  • There was no banner on the sales page and it started directly with the headline.
  • The sales page was the typical long page salesletter with tons of testimonials and income proof, as well as video.
  • I noticed that they had done a lovely and different favicon, so if somebody would mark them as favorite, the site will stand out. Small but powerful touch.
  • There was the usual guarantee and the fast action bonuses.
  • They added an instalment plan after a while so that those who cannot afford the whole amount in one go and can still take a shot at it.