Tap Mobile Marketing – Get an iPhone Compatible Site for Your Business

iPhone friendly web sitesHave you noticed that a large number of people are buying the smartphones like iPhones, Blackberries and Android (from Google) based phones? Apple recently sold more than 3 millions of iPhone 4. Add the iPhone3, iPhone 3GS and the older versions, and you will know how many people are on the move… accessing the Internet from their mobile device rather than their desktop.

This poses an entirely new challenge for your marketing. If you access your web site from these devices, you will notice that your beautifully designed web site is not loading properly, it gets to microscopic size and needs lots of scrolling left and right, up and down.

When you need to push your sales message across to this ever-increasing army of people, you need a specially designed, mobile friendly web site that tells its story in small sentences, focusing on the key message. The layout also needs to be easy to work with, given the small screen size of a mobile phone.

Get the expert designers from Ebizindia to develop a special mobile-friendly version of your web site and see the difference it makes to your marketing reach. Get the mobile site development details here.

Product Launch Blueprint: FREE PDF and Video

If you are launching a product (and you should, if you are not planning to yet), do not forget to download the Product Launch Blueprint (FREE PDF) and watch this video where Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula reveals a simple, step by step plan that you can follow.

Frankly, you have to opt-in with your email address but that’s OK because if you do not like to receive any further emails from him, it is a 1-click unsubscribe. However if you are planning to launch a product online, you might consider joining his PLF 3 coaching program which will make you a master in the art of launching successful products.

Which way you go, quit or stick, you will learn a valuable lesson with the blueprint. Go for it!

P.S. There’s even a hidden “resources” section that Jeff must have snuck in at the last second – it doesn’t show up in the training video, but it’s in the actual Blueprint. And to remind you, there are no hidden sign-ups to continuity programs or any such junk. No payment required for the blueprint.

Product Launch Formula Used by iPhone 4 Launch

I have talked about the Product Launch Formula from Jeff Walker. His guide works for entrepreneurs, small and big and works like a charm. However you will love to see his notes on Apple’s launch of the iPhone 4. Or shall we say the pre-launch that got almost a million phones sold on a pre-order basis. So you pay and wait, not get the delivery right away. And people are falling over one another to pre-order.

So what’s the secret? How does this formula help you set up a few of your own launches and get them wildly successful? Watch the video (you do not need to sign-up to anything to see this video) but you will like to sign-up anyway. To be the first to know when more such insider videos are launched. Please go and watch the video before he takes it down. Jeff loves to make things scarce.

Recipe for Riches – Better Copywriting – Easily

Jo Han Mok, considered a Master Wordsmith and appreciated by the legendary Jow Vitale has come up with some interesting tips on writingRecipe for Riches by Jo Han Mok copy for your product launches and other promotions.

Apparently, certain words that end with “ly” can be sneakily used in your copy to slowly and hypnotically influence your readers. Obviously, these words easily slip into their minds under their radar and you can clearly see how these words work powerfully as persuasion weapons.

Quite evidently, I’ve already led by example in using all these words in the couple of paragraphs earlier…

* obviously

* clearly

* Slowly

* apparently

* certainly

* easily

* powerfully

* evidently

* Insantly

Spot them? : – ) Then next time you write copy, try sprinkling your copy with a liberal dose of words that end with “ly”.

I think you might easily wind up amazed at how much more ‘hypnotic’ your copy instantly becomes. Hope you found this quick tip useful.

Did I write the above? Frankly no. This comes direct from the horse’s mouth – Jo Han Mok himself.¬†Obviously, if you like what I just shared with you, you’ll clearly be delighted with Jo Han’s brand new “Recipe For Riches” report, which you’ll certainly want to pick up, over at:

==> Get Your Own Copy of Recipe forRiches Report

p.s. The price below $10 will most certainly amaze you for the value it provides. Did I buy it myself? Definitely!

p.p.s. Once you grab the report for yourself, you will get some insider tips into how Jo is exciting his affiliates in promoting this and building himself a buyers’ list.

Nancy Tests Live Blueprints Salesletter With A Short Launch Window

I noticed that Nancy Andrews did a short launch of her Live Blueprints system recently for some early bird registrations. I find this cool way of testing the salesletter in a live situation very interesting.

While she did get some sales for her system, the most important advantage in my opinion is the insight she got into the effectiveness of the salesletter in converting the prospect to customer, the places where the prospects are aborting (the sales letter, the order form etc). This is the exact strategy that direct marketers use and you should definitely try to pmplement this in your marketing campaigns and launches. They send a test mail to a small section of the list and measure the response rate. If the results are acceptable, then only they send the offer to the whole list.

Live Blueprints is going to be finally launched at 12 noon on Wednesday April 23rd 2008 – that’s today – in a few hours from now. Even if you are not planning to learn the powerful SEO strategies she is revealing, you should definitely sign-up and study her sales letter – that will be good education. The Live Blueprints salesletter is here.

Robert Plank is doing some cool stuff with PHP and Javascript

I recently came across Robert Plank’s web site and noticed that he is doing some cool stuff with his web site, using PHP and Javascript. The one that I liked the most is his use of JV Plus, which allows you to easily have an affiliate program promoting your blog and still be able to allow your affiliates to make money with your products.

I recommend you to visit Robert’s web site and enjoy the insightful posts about various aspects of Internet marketing and PHP/Javascript programming. He has a large number of utilities listed in the right sidebar which may help you run your website, blogs and business with much more converting power than you may be having now.

Jeff Walker Announces Product Launch Formula 2.0

Do you really need the Product Launch Formula? Why can’t you just build the product and create a web site and wait for the visitors to come and buy?

You don’t if you are easily satisfied with a few sales here and there and do not look forward to a large number of red hot prospects drooling to buy your products, which have not even hit the market yet.

If you want to build a long list of potential buyers, who will probably bring your server down the moment your product launches and may be make your credit card processing company think that you are doing something bad because sales just keep pouring in, you need to have a systematic launch process. All the pre-launch anticipation building, drip feeding of information, teaser videos and JV partner blogs that you see employed by leading Internet marketers are not by chance. That’s by design. They are employing a simple but scientific process to generate massive sales right from the moment their product launches.

Want to enjoy the same success level yourself? Want to send your sales graph to tizzying heights? Want to hear your cash counter sound ka-ching non-stop? Take the route master marketers follow. Snoop into the red-hot tips shared by Jeff Walker himself. Get the Product Launch Formula 2.0. You will thank yourself and me for it.

I know what you are thinking – where’s the link? The link is not yet available, you will have to come back and check this blog periodically to see when the link becomes available. And once it does, just click on it and enjoy youre share of Internet marketing success. It is *not* rocket science. Yes, even you can do it.

Note: Even if you do not have a product that you will like to launch or relaunch any time soon, get on the list. Watch Jeff in action. You will get 1000s of  dollars worth of education for FREE.

Membership Bootcamp Launched: Could You Sign-up?

Tim Kerber and Ryan Lee successfully launched their membership sites bootcamp coaching and have been selling the course at a brisk pace. They are reporting much higher response after introducing a 4-instalment payment plan. If you have not done so already, you must have a look at the sales page here.

The product launch expert, Jeff Walker has played a masterstroke again helping them organize the whole jigsaw puzzle so beautifully.

I noticed a few interesting things (not all new though) in the launch:

  • Quite a few big names like Joel Comm, Mike Filsaime, Jeff Walker were promoting the offer. They introduced the coaching program tothe members of Mike’s JV Notify Pro also.
  • The usual pre-sell videos were all there, getting the people in ready to buy anticipatory mood.
  • There were some nice bonuses from the JV partners to complement the main package.
  • There was no banner on the sales page and it started directly with the headline.
  • The sales page was the typical long page salesletter with tons of testimonials and income proof, as well as video.
  • I noticed that they had done a lovely and different favicon, so if somebody would mark them as favorite, the site will stand out. Small but powerful touch.
  • There was the usual guarantee and the fast action bonuses.
  • They added an instalment plan after a while so that those who cannot afford the whole amount in one go and can still take a shot at it.

The Death of Internet Marketing :: Or How To Make Your Point With Shock!

Mike Filsaime’s recent launch of The Death of Internet Marketing Report comes quick on the heels of The Death of Adsense. This is the next in the series of ‘The Death’ reports, which you might soon be seeing like The Death of SEO, The Death of Web Hosting, The Death of autoresponders and The Death of ebooks. I think the primary reason for this is the October 2006 phenomenon that Mike talks about in his report. There have been so many launches in the Internet marketing space recently that the newsletter subscribers have become jaded. You need to use shock and awe to draw the attention of the people – or else they will not download your report. If you want to build a list quickly, soon you may find that offering a quality report may not be enough. You will need to offer cash incentive (Mike is offering $1 to you if you directly refer someone and $1 on your 2nd tier). Scott Boulch (author of The Death of Adsense) offered $0.50. So let us how far we can go in this game of upmanship. By The Way, you may end up shelling out 1000s of dollars quickly if your report goes viral. And if you are offering a cash incentive to refer plus a quality report like Mike does, be assured that it will turn viral. So you must have a very strong back-end offer for the subscribers if you want to recoup your investment. I noticed that Mike is offering his Butterfly manuscript. He is also running a cool survey which will give very interesting stats about the big need of the hour. If you run such a survey and then create quality products to fulfill this need, you may soon have some cool winners at hand. Download the FREE report – the Death of Internet Marketing by Mike Filsaime.

Press Release Submission Service – Tell The world About Your Product Launch

You might not know this but we have a press release submission service that helps you to spread the word on your newest product launch. A nicely written press release can be very effective in creating awareness about your product and should be a compulsory weapon in your web promotion arsenal.

If your press release draws the attention of some leading publication in your niche area,  you can look forward to seeing a mention of the product as well as an interview request. In any case, the press releases published through quality sites like PRWEB, PRnewswire etc. get reproduced by several sites generating one-way incoming links to your site and resulting in improved search engine rankings.

Check out the economical and effective press release submission service here.