Butterfly Marketing – Studying Its Launch

I have been watching the launch of Butterfly Marketing by Mike Filsaime with great interest and am happy to share my findings with you. Feel free to study these findings and apply some of them to your marketing.

Disclaimer: I am NOT an affiliate of Mike and there are no links here that I earn from.

Remember that Jeff Walker is helping Mike with this launch and he recently revealed in a newsletter his belief that this launch is going to be big, based on some insider numbers that he is privy to.

Naturally there are some high profile Internet marketers helping Mike with this launch, who are all promoting the package with the expectation that you will buy through their affiliate link. Most of these affiliates are offering a fat package of bonuses that you can get if you buy through them. The funny thing I noticed is that some people are offering n numbers of their own ebooks and study courses. Will you rather read and implement the butterfly marketing manual or their ebooks and courses?

Some smart souls like Jeff have already realised the folly and are offering a chance to join a mastermind group with them. The group will dissect the ideas in the butterfly marketing course and the members will push each other up. I believe this is a very useful idea and if you are buying the course, you should do that through some such person. Not only you learn a lot, this is a tremendous networking opportunity.

To create the pre-launch buzz and to make sure that there are a large number of people in the sales funnel, Mike had a teleconference with Mark Joyner. People can register to attend that teleconference and also to win a FREE copy of the course. As you can see, the lure of being able to win a copy of a $997 product is big enough to drive a large number of people to register.

Then I noticed that a chapter from the book got leaked on a marketing forum. I am sure that this is a deliberate attempt to arouse curiosity and interest and a part of the marketing strategy. Michel Fortin had similarly allowed people to see some snapshots of the Traffic Secrets package when John Reese was launching it. This type of drip feeding keeps the buzz alive.

Soon after the launch (hope that is very successful), you can look forward to see a special report by Mike about how he pulled off such a big launch successfully and may be beat John Reese who
had a million dollar day and Frank Kern who sold more than a million in a few hours.