ERP Software for Cement & Seed Industries

ExactllyERP softwareExactlly ERP software is a powerful business automation solution for various industries including cement and seeds’ industries. The software includes a powerful Business Intelligence module offering actionable insights into the business performance.

ExactllyERP is used by companies in several countries including India, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE and others. It has full support for the GST regimen in Malaysia and is approved by the department for full compliance.

ERP software is considered as being very expensive! However when you checkout ExactllyERP, you will find that while it will meet your needs fully, the price will be lower than you could imagine. This is because of the company’s efficient development and operation.

It comes from the Exactlly team, the one which has software like ExactllyCRM, ExactllyHRMS and ExactllyPMS serving 100s of clients around the world.