Brand Protection – get your .co name

Do you know that the .co domain names have been relaunched recently? While .co is actually meant for a business in Colombia, it is getting very popular because it is so similar to .com and can stand for a COmmercial site or a COmpany.

There are 2 ways you can benefit from the .co domain names:

  1. You can buy the .co name for your business if you already own the .com to protect the brand. You don’t want someone breathing down your neck with a deceptively similar name.
  2. You can buy the .co name if you did not get .com name when you started off. You can also keep watching for the .com name so that you can grab it if the owner forgets to renew it or decides to sell it off.

Also you can reserve the .co name for your main keywords (better hurry as the keyword rich names are disappearing fast). It is an open secret that Google gives a lot of priority to sites with keywords in the domain name when ranking the sites.

We have put up a few .co names for sale here. Check out if any of these interest you. You can get them cheap if you make a good offer. Naturally they will become more expensive after they have aged a little.