Product Launch Formula – Apply Process, Increase Sales

How to sell online? Get a product, put up a sales letter and do some marketing here and there. You may get your first sale. May be a few more. What next? Can a formula help?

If you are looking to get massive sales figures and laugh all the way to the bank, you need to apply a process to your sales system. You have to build anticipation, get people to talk about you, may be even leak some spy-photos. You need to have a solid sales letter (or a classic web site) that talks to your prospects’ hidden desires (wants, not needs). Some affiliates promoting your products can do wonders to your topline and bottomline. Yada, yada.

But who is the best coach to learn all this from? How about Jeff Walker who is the brain behind several million dollar launches? Including his own PLF 3 launch which has already crossed 2.2 million dollars. Remember the first Internet based million dollar launch by John Reese? Jeff was behind that as well. And the ones by Frank Kern. Again Jeff helped him rake up more than a million in a day.

Don’t misunderstand me. You may not be targeting for million dollar days but just a few hundred sales. Jeff’s Product Launch formula has also helped people who are only looking for 1,000s and 10,000s of dollars in sales. However you definitely need to apply a simple process to sell 10s and 100s of times more than you have planned for.

Bad news: I hate it but I have to share a small piece of bad news with you. Jeff is closing doors to the Product Launch Formula 3.0 tonight and if you don’t get your feet in right away, you may be missing out on using this super-effective process to increase your turnover.

ONE MORE THING: In addition to the entire all-new Product Launch Formula 3.0 course,  Jeff has also added some really cool extra bonuses to the mix…check them out:

1. A brand-new full-blown course on how to build and profit from a list – this is his “Launching Your List” course.

2. An all-new course on Product Creation that will take you from start to finish and get you your own products.

3. Plus your own custom hand-picked Mastermind Group setup.

I highly recommend that you at least check out the way Jeff is showing how he can make a difference to your sales and finances. I call it the world’s smallest sales letter. Do you agree?

P.S. it’s been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in virtually every niche you can think of. You can join these winners. Go here: Product Launch Formula 3.0