Instant Site Comments – Hands-free Site Updation Now A Reality

Fact: Search engines love fresh content.

Fact: It is a big hassle to update the site regularly – specially when you are looking forward to get recurring sales or Adsense income on auto-pilot.

Fact: User generated content is a powerful magnet for the search engines as well as the human visitors.

What does this mean to us? How can we adapt user generated content to get our web sites to update regularly?

Introducing Instant Site Comments!

This interesting idea allows you to get blog like commenting system on your regular web sites which has typical content. It works great with articles and press releases. The visitor reads the article or your web page content and can post a comment about how much she liked it or other suggestions for improvement. They may post questions that will give you ideas for future content on this or other sites.

These comments will be displayed on the same page thereby creating the impression that the page has been updated. Instant site Comments requires a very low investment and is extremely easy to configure and install. You should be able to recover your nominal investment within days.

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