Excellent Content Guide Now Becomes FREE

Make Your Content Pre-Sell – a very powerful writing guide that I bought for around $10 recently and consider as one of my best investments, is now FREE. Lucky you 😉

See – when you are promoting others’ products as affiliates, you should never try to sell the product. That is the job of the merchant. You should remind the prospect that he needs a solution to so-and-so problem and that a solution is available. You should talk about the benefits that will accrue when this problem is solved.

This will get your prospects warmed up for the product – so when they head over to the merchant’s site, they can easily absorb the features and benefit statements that the merchant puts forth. And may be buy the product or subscribe to his newsletter.

If you want to sharpen your marketing communications with this skill, you should absolutely now grab a copy of this cool guide. And don’t forget that it is FREE – you don’t even need to subscribe to any mailing list.