Jeff Walker Launches *It* Anytime Now

Jeff Walker will make available his product launch formula anytime now. As per his claim, he will only sell 470 or so copies in the first lot as he has only ordered 500 sets to be made in the first edition and 30 were given away to his partners.

Frankly I am not his release partner, so I do not get any commission if you buy his kit. But it should be so good that I have no reservation about recommending this. This is because I have been watching his launch exercise and I am quite impressed.

The thing that impressed me most is this – he has alloted special URLs to his release partners (hand-picked affiliates) and these look so innocent that you will have a tough time identifying these as affiliate URLs.

What do you say about this – (Paul Myer’s URL)

or this – (Allan Gardyne’s URL)

Amazing trick, no? I am sure you will apply such ideas in your promotion too.

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