Product Launch Formula Is Launched

It’s live. Jeff Walker has launched his product launch formula with a bang and while the exact figures are not yet available, it appears to have picked up excellent traffic. Here is another trick that Jeff used –

He made it clear on the site that if you subscribed to his launch list, you could get a half-hour advance notice and special buying window. He killed 2 birds with one stone. He built a big list of prospects because anybody who was remotely interested in exploring the package wanted to get the preferential treatment. Also this message gave a sub-conscious signal to the prospects that the package may be sold-out within this half hour window, so they must make their buying decision quick or they may lose out. Excellent way to push the procastrination.

There was a small hiccup though. Jeff sent a note that Paypal site (Jeff is accepting payment by Paypal) went down just after launch (what a concidence!) and therefore, several interested people could not place their orders. I am not sure whether this was really a bad coincidence or Jeff got lower-than-expected response and wanted an excuse to send a mail and push some more fence-sitters.