Keyword Explosion Introduces The Biggest List For Adwords and Adsense Keyword Research

Keyword Research for both PPC campaigns and building sites for monetizing with Adsense can really benefit with a big keyword list. But what are the important criteria for a good list and does Keyword Explosion meet them?

Jonathan Leger recently introduced Keyword Explosion with 2.1 million keywords. Now there are several Adsense lists on the market and how does Jonathan differentiate his list? He claims it to be the biggest.

While many other lists are based on Overture figures, which are not considered an accurate indicator of the demand because of the large number of automated queries, Keyword Explosion lists are based on Google Adwords figures. Amazing – I just wonder how on earth did he manage to collect demand and bid prices for 2.1 million keyword combinations.

While these lists are quite useful for market research whether you are advertising with Adwords or building content sites for monetizing with Adsense, there are several factors that you must keep in mind while choosing your keyword list.

The primary factors that make a keyword research list worthwhile are —

  1. Exhaustive coverage – different people have interests in different fields. So the list must have lots of keywords from different markets to satisfy all these different people.
  2. Bid price – it is important to have the bid price on Google as most of the users will like to use Adwords while advertising and Adsense while monetizing.
  3. Search volume – terms with $1 per click and high search volumes in excess of 1000 searches per day can make you more money than terms with $50 per click but only 1-2 searches a day. Again the search volume on Google is more important than that on Overture, which most of such lists report.

Keyword Explosion meets all these conditions pretty well. This contains more than 2.1 million keywords categorized in various ways. There are 5 different lists based on different perspectives so that you can choose your niche easily, locate all the terms related to that market and build your site or advertising campaign around that.

The 2-term and 3-term lists are particularly interesting to Adsense marketers as these terms are easier to rank for and provide higher pay out per term than the broad 1-term keyword.

When I suggest my clients to create web sites or blogs for earning money with Adsense, I always tell them to concentrate on tightly focussed niche areas that cover a small section of a big market with a good search volume and a decent pay out. Keyword Explosion lists really come in very handy for this research.

The price of the list is a little on the higher side at $197 (at the time of writing this note). However Jonathan claims that the extensive coverage of the keywords makes it good value for money and customers should be able to recover their investment within a few days. He also offers 100% money back guarantee if you do not find the list to be useful for any reason whatsoever.

If you are planning to build a content-filled site and want to locate some high paying terms for your topic, take a look at Keyword Explosion. May be your Adsense cheques will explode too!