StomperNet Launch Is A Roaring Success

Unless you were hiding under a rock or in a cave, you could not have missed the pre-launch buzz of Stompernet, the new membership site from Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon. They have had a great launch, sold out 63% (as per their email) in as little as 45 minutes and have already closed down new bookings.

I have watching the launch from the sidelines. No, I am not an afiliate and am not earning money by referring people to them. However if you want to check this out, you can visit 🙂

What I noticed that while they were setting up JVs with leading marketers with large lists, they were also building the buzz through their blog at This is where they were releasing high quality information in the form of videos and case-studies that helped to build excellent credibility.

The JV partners have been sending people to the blog through the afiliate link which pre-sold to the visitors who were added to a list of prospects. The service costs around $800 per month and is a pretty expensive one at that tag price – what’s amazing that the hype was so intense that people went out of their way to secure a place for themselves.

Take home tips:

1. Set up a blog for your prospective customers, drip useful information to create credibility for yourself.

2. Capture name and email of your visitors by offering free (and quality) information. This can build your list faster than anything. Remember that while you are paying commission for the sales, the list belongs to you.
2. Setup affiliate tracking on this blog so that the affiliates get credit when the visitor orders your main product.

3. Setup a separate blog for your affiliates (I am guessing they have done this but I cannot verify because I am not an affiliate).

4. Create powerful sales letters that your affiliates can send to their lists. I noticed that 80% of the mails were exact duplicates – a few super affiliates like John Reese and Ewen Chia sent original mails.

5. Affiliates also added their own special bonuses if one bought through them. A guy even offered an ATV (all terrain vehicle) for those buying through his link. Wow!

6. Send pre-launch notification. Some people may have forgotten to check out your sales letter at the launch time because they registered long back. So remind them.

I am sure you can get good improvement in your launches when you apply these tips. Best of luck!