Want To Make Your Pages Irresistible To The Search Engines and Visitors Alike?

Search engines love content that always gets updated. Users come back often to see what’s new when you update your pages frequently. So you should always be updating your web pages. Ha – easier said than done!

Now there is an easy way to achieve this. Robert Blackstone has launched an amazing new script – Instant Site Comments – that lets the visitors leave comments on any page, even static ones, just like the blogs.

This gets the pages updated all too often and makes them super-magnets for the search engines. If you are using PLR articles and worried that you may be hit by the duplicate content penalty, a few user comments on these articles can make them pretty much unique.

Excellent tool and will pay back for itself very quickly through the higher rankings and repeat vistors who may buy the products or click on the Adsense ads. The Instant Site Comments software is quite easy to install if your server has the facility for Server side Includes (SSI) or PHP.

Did you know what makes the Web2.0 sites like del.icio.us and YouTube so popular? The facility of user comments – this helps to build a community. Now you can build a similar user community on your static web sites – get the instant site comments software.

Promo Code Secrets – Jordon Hall Reintroduces The formula That Works Always


I recently learnt about Promo Code Secrets being launched by Jordon Hall and went to the site in curiosity to check it out. He had a typical squeeze page but I was surprised to see a direct link to the sales page also. Now what is he trying to do here?

When I studied the sales page, I noticed that he refers to a promo code that is only sent out to people who join the list on the main page. And what does this do? Reduce the price by a huge margin. Wow!

This is an interesting study of a very powerful marketing technique and you must study this – then take notes to apply in your promotions.

See the squeeze page for Promo code Secrets here. Go to the sales page directly and note the price. Then come back to the main page and enter your email address. Pick up the promo code from the email and enter in the box. See how the offer price changes immediately to a highly affordable one (or do I call it ridiculously low price?).