Task Management Software Review

I recently had the chance to review the latest task management software on the block, A1Tasks. I was wondering why should someone introduce a new software in the already saturated market and wanted to check out what’s so special.

Let me tell you, I was really hooked to the simplicity of this software. It installed in 3 minutes including the time to enter the details of the database in the config file. This part looks very much like WordPress and the system requirements are similar too.

Once I was in, I could add a new task for me to do myself. Ok, but what about the team collaboration? I have to add a new contact for that. It’s a breeze again. Interesting. I went ahead and assigned a task for my team member. Where did it go? Oh I see. It is there on the delegated tab. Neat!

What’s this label thing? I think this is a tag. Let me add a few tags to my task. I added 2 tags on the job and they show up fine. Cool so far.

I added 3 more tasks, one to be done next month. Cool, A1tasks allows me to add tasks with future start dates also.

Let me check this filter thing. Wow, so I can filter on so many criteria and see only limited number of tasks. This is handy, I can really focus on these few things that show up.

Sorting on different columns. Check.

Mark tasks complete by simple tick. Check.

Unmark complete. Check.

Looking good.

I sorely miss a mention of the project concept. However I think we can easily manage that through the tags or the labels.

So what is the conclusion? This software is best for small teams and individuals. If you are managing a team of less than 50 workers or family and assigning them jobs, you can easily organize your things with A1Tasks. If you are managing a team of 100s or 1000s employees with 100s of projects, you might like to skip this for the time being.

Check out the details and download your copy here: www.A1Tasks.com