The Death of Internet Marketing :: Or How To Make Your Point With Shock!

Mike Filsaime’s recent launch of The Death of Internet Marketing Report comes quick on the heels of The Death of Adsense. This is the next in the series of ‘The Death’ reports, which you might soon be seeing like The Death of SEO, The Death of Web Hosting, The Death of autoresponders and The Death of ebooks. I think the primary reason for this is the October 2006 phenomenon that Mike talks about in his report. There have been so many launches in the Internet marketing space recently that the newsletter subscribers have become jaded. You need to use shock and awe to draw the attention of the people – or else they will not download your report. If you want to build a list quickly, soon you may find that offering a quality report may not be enough. You will need to offer cash incentive (Mike is offering $1 to you if you directly refer someone and $1 on your 2nd tier). Scott Boulch (author of The Death of Adsense) offered $0.50. So let us how far we can go in this game of upmanship. By The Way, you may end up shelling out 1000s of dollars quickly if your report goes viral. And if you are offering a cash incentive to refer plus a quality report like Mike does, be assured that it will turn viral. So you must have a very strong back-end offer for the subscribers if you want to recoup your investment. I noticed that Mike is offering his Butterfly manuscript. He is also running a cool survey which will give very interesting stats about the big need of the hour. If you run such a survey and then create quality products to fulfill this need, you may soon have some cool winners at hand. Download the FREE report – the Death of Internet Marketing by Mike Filsaime.