Launching WordSiteBuilder – Build Your Own Site Like and

After the phenomenal success of Joel Comm’s site and our own, it has been proven beyond a shade of doubt that the keyword sites are a hit and have a strong demand as of now. A fast mover who can build a word site quickly and can market it smartly can make a good lot of money in a few days (though we cannot promise any particular amount as you can easily understand).

We are pleased to launch our user-friendly software, WordSiteBuilder to create such word sites quickly and easily. The price of the script will come as a pleasant surprise to you – the first 100 copies will be offered at a low $197 each. If you sell a word at $50, you only need to sell 4 words to recover your investment. After that, it’s profit all the way.

We also offer a single site license for WordSiteBuilder at only $97 for those whowant to test the waters first.

That’s not all – we love to over-deliver. So we are offering free installation of the script for your first site.

Are you game? Rush a mail to info @ 97tags . com with SCRIPT in the subject line.