YuvaPower Launches Youth Forum

YuvaPower today launched its youth forum with focus on topics related to entertainment, career and education. The forum members share their thoughts and experiences about movies, music, cool hangouts, restaurants and other such topics.

While they have fun discussing these issues, there is another serious aspect of the forum filled with tips on sailing through the interviews. They also discuss activities that one can indulge in, after passing out from their standard X, XII and graduation exams.

Out of the several sections available already, these are getting instant attention and popularity–

  • Music videos – live playback on the forum through YouTube integration
  • Fun news – amusing news from around the world
  • Interview tips – what to do and not to do during your interview – for a much higher success rate
  • Picture gallery – post your personal and family pics here and rate those of others
  • Favourite hangouts – where do you want to be seen on the next holiday

The registration is FREE! If you want to hang around with youthful people, YuvaPower is the place to be seen at.