500Words Launched by Joel Comm

Joel Comm, the Adsense guru and the author of Adsense Secrets, today launched his new venture, 500words inspired by milliondollarhomepage.com.

He has put an interesting twist. Instead of selling pixels, he is selling words. Since words provide a keyword rich linkback, people will be more apt to buy these terms. His large list of newsletters subscribers will also lap up the terms pretty quickly.

Even I got excited and have bought the term Webmasters and Adsense 🙂

We have also launched an improved version (better look and feel, much lesser clutter with only 97 tags, better SEO benefit) at 97tags.com. You can order custom tags also at the same price, so choose your favorite one or get a new one.

Update II:
Would you like to create your own sites like 97tags.com or 500words.com? Get an inexpensive script at WordSiteBuilder and you are ready to go.