Custom Logo Design by Logo Design Geek

An awesome logo can set your business apart from the 1000s of other businesses who have got none or a mediocre logo. Your logo represents your identity and a well designed logo can increase your recall value in a big way. This is why the Logo Design Geek team should be the people you talk to, today!

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Your logo needs to be unique and representative of the business you do or the service you offer. The color scheme and the graphic of the logo shows your business approach and industry you belong to – all at a quick glance. The font of the text on the logo is also very important – it can easily convey whether you are in a serious profession or in the entertainment business. The graphics and font for a lawyer firm will be entirely different to those of a sea-side resort.

Logo design geeks have a unique aspect to their design process – they employ multiple designers to create the concepts and the initial draft of your logo design. This way you get ideas with differing though processes. Once you select the idea you want to move forward with, you can request unlimited number of revisions to tailor the message, color and the graphic. Since they do not outsource their work to freelancers or other agencies, you can be sure of the delivery times they promise – the designs are delivered in time, every time.

The fact that I love the most is their approach of using only standard pantone colors. Also, they deliver both the web version as well as the print version of your logo as compared to several other agencies which charge extra for the print version. This allows you to use your logo on the print media without any hassles.

What if you do not like any concept from the set offered? You can request another set or you can get 100% money refunded. This makes dealing with them completely risk-free. Excited? Check out their vast portfolio or order your own logo – check out Logo Design Geek!