TDSMAN – TDS Software for eTDS Return filing

eTDS return filing softwarePDS Infotech has launched the FY 15-16 version of TDSMAN, a complete eTDS and TCS return filing software, designed as per the system specified by NSDL in line with the requirements of the Income Tax Department, Govt. of India.

The software is capable of preparing eTDS and eTCS returns for forms 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ. It also prints all the TDS and TCS certificates for forms 16, 16A, 27D. Besides these, it provides a unique feature multi-user operation at an additional cost.

The software is suitable for all type of assessees, including corporates, banking and insurance companies, government bodies and above all, the SMEs & individuals. The robustness, convenience and speed of the software have created lots of interest among the CAs, Tax Consultants, TIN-FCs and other professionals who use the software for processing and filing of eTDS & eTCS data for their clients.

A FREE demo copy is available for download from the site.

Home & Office Automation Products from Smartpower

home and office automation from smartpowerSmartpower is a 20 year old company offering home & office automation products. They have launched several security solutions recently and have already received accolades from all over India for their products.

Their fMotorised Retractable Gateslagship product is automated sliding door used in factories and large buildings. These doors can be opened through remotes or switches. For malls and other public places, their parking fee management system has been a hit.

For home security, they have a large range of security cameras and remotely operated video door phones. The remote operated window blinds, infra-red lights and fans are very convenient for aged people at home who do not have to get up again and again to operate these.

In factories, they are able to provide automated doors of up to 1000 sq. ft. Different types of security cameras with wi-fi, Bluetooth and other technologies are very convenient.
They have recently launched caller tunes for branding your company to play your message to all callers of your company phones.

Art gallery for buying paintings online

Buy painting online - schoolgirls with teacher3 art galleries in Saigon, Vietnam have come together to launch an online art gallery where you can buy paintings online. The founder of the website ( and owner of the three galleries, Ms. Tran Thi Anh Vu is a leader on the Vietnamese contemporary art scene for 10 years now.

The site displays paintings by several artists, on different subjects and these are available for online purchase from the store on the site. If a painting has been sold, you can request a new and similar painting to be commenced under your order.

The paintings are quite popular with art collectors around the world and the site has sold several paintings already. The biggest advantage of buying from this site is that you will be able to procure an original art piece.

Check out the online art gallery here:

Custom Logo Design by Logo Design Geek

An awesome logo can set your business apart from the 1000s of other businesses who have got none or a mediocre logo. Your logo represents your identity and a well designed logo can increase your recall value in a big way. This is why the Logo Design Geek team should be the people you talk to, today!

[youtube_sc url=AsOtE1Ftp60 rel=0 width=400]

Your logo needs to be unique and representative of the business you do or the service you offer. The color scheme and the graphic of the logo shows your business approach and industry you belong to – all at a quick glance. The font of the text on the logo is also very important – it can easily convey whether you are in a serious profession or in the entertainment business. The graphics and font for a lawyer firm will be entirely different to those of a sea-side resort.

Logo design geeks have a unique aspect to their design process – they employ multiple designers to create the concepts and the initial draft of your logo design. This way you get ideas with differing though processes. Once you select the idea you want to move forward with, you can request unlimited number of revisions to tailor the message, color and the graphic. Since they do not outsource their work to freelancers or other agencies, you can be sure of the delivery times they promise – the designs are delivered in time, every time.

The fact that I love the most is their approach of using only standard pantone colors. Also, they deliver both the web version as well as the print version of your logo as compared to several other agencies which charge extra for the print version. This allows you to use your logo on the print media without any hassles.

What if you do not like any concept from the set offered? You can request another set or you can get 100% money refunded. This makes dealing with them completely risk-free. Excited? Check out their vast portfolio or order your own logo – check out Logo Design Geek!


GEMS Akademia International School: Residential and Day Boarding

GEMS Akademia International SchoolIf you are looking for the best schools in Kolkata, a prime candidate is the GEMS Akademia International School. With both day-boarding and residential facilities, this co-educational school is situated on the southern periphery of Kolkata in a spacious and nature friendly setting near Thakurpukur.

The school is a member of GEMS Education, which manages schools in more than 151 countries.  It offers K-12 level education with equal stress on co-curricular activities for holistic development of your child. Here’s a note from the school website:

We aim to make the schooling experience safe, secure, purposeful and fun. The holistic education at GEMS Akademia creates the right resources for both study and leisure. The time spent by a student at GEMS Akademia is not just the gathering of memories for a lifetime, but also a genuine cycle of growth physically, mentally and spiritually.

Getting quality education is the birth right of our kids but we as parents struggle to get a seat in a ‘good’ school. To bridge this gap, Anand Education Trust has joined hands with a leading international group to bring world class facilities for imparting education in a strict but fun way. Celebrations, competitions, excursions, field trips and events forms an important part of the school calendar. A plethora of cultural festivals from across the world are celebrated with zest and bring together the entire GEMS Akademia family (students, parents, teachers, and staff).

Head over to the school website and checkout all the details so that you can get a clear picture of the atmosphere your kid will grow in, when he/she will join GEMS Akademia.

School Ski Trip: Skiing Trips Organised By School Teachers

321ski offers affordable school skiing trips designed by teachers. This gives them a special edge as they know the school students’ expectations and concerns so closely. One of the key things with any school ski trip is the matching of the student skill sets to the complexity and toughness of the ski zone and also the financial protection in case something goes wrong with the plans. 321ski takes care of these issues quite professionally.

They offer trips to 17 locations in Austria, Italy and France, each hand-picked for suitability for school students. This includes Europe’s largest skiing region (825km), the Austrian Amadé.

An important part of planning these trips is the extensive documentation requirements and they manage this area keeping in mind that parents and teachers are busy people.

If you want them to organise them a trip for your school, then visit



New QRCode Generator Software Launched

The Webile (website for mobile access) people have launched a new QRcode generator software as a service. It is free for unlimited use and you can generate QR codes for URLs, email addresses, scan to call links, scan to text links and many more.

But what is a QR code, you may ask.

QR code stands for Quick Response code and is like a 2 dimensional barcode. It carries the information that you encode and a special scanner software (generally called a QRcode scanner) can read it. It then interpretes the type of code and prompts you to take appropriate action. So, if you scan a URL, you are prompted to open it in a browser. If you scan a telephone number, you are prompted to dial the number. And likewise.

Now that you have created your QR code, what can you do with it?

It is very simple, use the traditional forms of mass communication.

  • Paste it on your T-Shirt.
  • Print it on your business letters.
  • Print it on mouse pad and distribute.
  • Paste it on a business flyer.
  • Insert it as an ad in the newspaper.
  • Insert it on your blog site / website.
  • Put it up as a signboard / billboard.
  • Put it up as an ad in the shop window.
  • Paste / print it on your product &/or packaging.
  • Put it up on a big ad balloon for everyone to see.
  • Advertise on the sides of public transport on the road.
  • Advertise on your commercial business truck or bus.
  • Basically, you can paint the whole town with your QR code if possible.
  • Last but not the least – Print it on your business card first.

So, with so much that you can do with your QR code, where do you begin? Generate your own qrcodes here.


Wholesale Sunglasses Dealer Launches Party Sunglasses

Wholesale Discount  Sunglasses has launched a wide selection of party sunglasses for the upcoming winter and party season. Sometimes you need to look wild, sometimes fun, depending on the party theme. They have a complete range of themes from “Jester Eyes” to “Elvis Presley” and from “21st birthday party” to “Tequila Shots” to “Mardi Gras” to “Just because”.

Retailers can buy these for sales through their stores in malls and fairs. Even the party organizers can buy in wholesale and hand over one each to their guests. The fun designs are sure to draw attention and put everyone in a light mood. The website sells these through a user-friendly online store that can be accessed at any time of the day and most of the orders are shipped the same day.

They also carries a large range of sunglasses for different occasions and purposes. Get the full details at the website.


Sheepskin Slippers and Moccasin Boots

If you are looking for sheepskin slippers for men, women and children or nice sheepskin boots, you can check out a large range at their online store. While they also sell sunglasses, their focus is on providing a range of sheepskin accessories for you. There are moccasin slippers for men and women as well booties for the children.

They also have a large range of motorcycle seat covers and sheepskin covers for exercise bikes to fit different seat types and sizes to avoid butt sores – they keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

The online store provides a convenient way to order at any time of your convenience. You must definitely check out the article on care and maintenance of the sheepskin products.

Akademia International School launches in Kolkata

Akademia International School, Kolkata is a new international school launched in Kolkata, India. While strictly not a product launch, it is interesting to know about this school and their plans.
Keeping in mind the lack of enough high quality schools, the promoters are setting up the school with a rigorous academic curriculum, well-defined co-curricular programme, experienced faculty members, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The education a child receives at Akademia will be truly international.
The School will commence its first academic session in March 2011. Located only 15 kms away from the National Library in Alipore, it is a day boarding school with widespread Academic, Athletic, Activity and Anciliary zones.
The admissions open in October 2010.