Nancy Tests Live Blueprints Salesletter With A Short Launch Window

I noticed that Nancy Andrews did a short launch of her Live Blueprints system recently for some early bird registrations. I find this cool way of testing the salesletter in a live situation very interesting.

While she did get some sales for her system, the most important advantage in my opinion is the insight she got into the effectiveness of the salesletter in converting the prospect to customer, the places where the prospects are aborting (the sales letter, the order form etc). This is the exact strategy that direct marketers use and you should definitely try to pmplement this in your marketing campaigns and launches. They send a test mail to a small section of the list and measure the response rate. If the results are acceptable, then only they send the offer to the whole list.

Live Blueprints is going to be finally launched at 12 noon on Wednesday April 23rd 2008 – that’s today – in a few hours from now. Even if you are not planning to learn the powerful SEO strategies she is revealing, you should definitely sign-up and study her sales letter – that will be good education. The Live Blueprints salesletter is here.

Live Blueprints Announced: SEO for the Newbie

So, you have built your web site and have no clue how to get loads of traffic. You know that you need to do some kind of search engine optimization but that is like Greek to you. You turn to the Internet and get baffled with the huge amount of tips, advice and black magic ideas. Who can you depend on? You feel dizzy…

If this is how you are feeling, try Live Blueprints. This is a bunch of SEO guides that are offered by Nancy Andrews, a smart lady who knows her stuff. She recently spoke on the Underground Seminar where Yanik Silver introduces people who have been quietly making tons of money marketing on the Internet though they do not have crazy popularity. She has got several top 10 ranking for new websites. She has sold more than 500 copies of her SEO guide and then stopped selling that.

She is relaunching her tutorials now and you might like to get on the announcement list quickly so that you can enjoy all the pre-launch training that she is providing free of cost. And you have no risk. Not even an obligation to order. Get on the Live Blueprints announcement list here.

Do it – really!

Site Build It Releases Video Action Guide

When you want to convince people that your program includes a bunch of effective and easy services, what can beat allowing them to take a peek inside. Site Build It (SBI) has done exactly that with the launch of their video action guide.

SBI is known to offer incredible value for money and lets you set up a complete web business right from very strong keyword research to interactive page builder to PPC management to thorough details on the search engine spider visits – even includes blogs.

People have followed their passion and got mind-blowing results, liberating them from the shackles of the daily grind – something which other web hosting companies cannot even talk about – from work at home moms to webmasters. See these case studies and decide for yourself – you are bound to discover one that closely matches your situation.

However many people have not dared to invest despite drooling over all the benefits that a measly investment can get them – because they thought it must be pretty darn complicated to manage so much power. Not any more!

The new video action guide shows detailed operation of the various features and does a great job explaining how a small investment in Site Build It can lead to big returns without the sweat and running around from vendor to vendor – trying to manage one service from here, one from there and so on.

Several small videos, totalling more than 5 hours, bring the action alive in front of you and cover all the aspects of a 10-day journey that sets you on the path to a successful Internet business venture.

Don’t miss it for anything – go, watch your first video right here, right now!