Andaman Tours & Travel – Extensive Guide

Havelock sunsetLove to sit on the white sand of a calm and serene beach where the splash of waves is the only sound that breaks the silence? May be, you want to delve deep into clean and clear blue sea water to swim with the school of colourful fish and view lovely coral reefs. Or explore the history of colloquial India buried in the bricks of a British jail? An Andaman Tour will let you experience all these and more.

A well-planned trip can increase your pleasure multi-fold and save you from much harassment. Check out and review critical information about the places you plan to visit – Port Blair or Havelock Island. If you want to step away from the ordinary, ask them to build a customised itinerary for you based on your interests and budget.

Lao Tzu had once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”. You have already taken that first step by deciding to check out Andamans. Your trip to Andaman & Nicobar Islands will be smooth and pleasurable once you have shortlisted your things to do, places to visit, stay and eat at. Or may be, start with How to reach Andamans.

“I have wandered all my life, and I have also travelled; the difference between the two being this, that we wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment,” – Hilaire Belloc.

Andamans has something for everyone. Whether you are an adventurist, a family person or visiting there for your honeymoon, you will find cool places and fun things to do, to match your interest. Check out and tell us how you liked it by posting a quick comment below.


Risk Mitigation Services from RMS

Risk Mitigation ServicesRMS or Risk Mitigation Services is dedicated to help health care organizations, health care providers, law firms and malpractice carriers in assessing individual cases and manage risk in the surgical field.

Myles Gart, CEO and President of RMS with his 20 years of experience in surgical realm has developed the critical acumen necessary to help those who are looking for expert knowledge on the standard of care in surgical cases.

RMS believes that once a case enters the legal arena, all the involved people will need to prepare for their depositions. So, it provides the proactive legal review service with a complete chart review of surgical case management and complete surgical case review along with an expert analysis on the potential future litigation.

RMS has extended its hand of legal assistance towards malpractice carriers, medical defense law firms, hospitals’ or systems’ internal risk managers and hospitals’ or systems’ medical staff peer review committee.

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Art gallery for buying paintings online

Buy painting online - schoolgirls with teacher3 art galleries in Saigon, Vietnam have come together to launch an online art gallery where you can buy paintings online. The founder of the website ( and owner of the three galleries, Ms. Tran Thi Anh Vu is a leader on the Vietnamese contemporary art scene for 10 years now.

The site displays paintings by several artists, on different subjects and these are available for online purchase from the store on the site. If a painting has been sold, you can request a new and similar painting to be commenced under your order.

The paintings are quite popular with art collectors around the world and the site has sold several paintings already. The biggest advantage of buying from this site is that you will be able to procure an original art piece.

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Chabria Infotech Offers Software, Hardware and Services in Kolkata, India

Chabria Infotech, a reputed software dealer in Kolkata, India has revamped its website recently. The new website makes it easier for the visitors to check the entire range of software products like operating systems, anti-virus software and firewalls. They can also check out hardware products like HP laptops and desktops.

Chabria Infotech works on creating the most cost-effective indents for a company needing to regularise its software inventory rather than simply sell them the maximum number of licenses. A very popular item on the site is anti-virus software in view of the large number of trojans and other viruses floating around.

“We can offer the best prices on Apple iMac computers and MacBook laptops in Kolkata”, said Hemant Chabria while launching the new site.