Can Jason James Pull Off a Successful Launch for Membership Riches?

Well, Jason seems to be on target with his Membership Riches launch. I can see he has roped in some very strong affiliates like Mike Filsaime, Michael Cheney and Michael Nicholas.

He issued a press release announcing his affiliate program which will attract several affiliates because of the hefty commission and the top 10 affiliates contest. He missed out on the launch blog but I have filled that gap by setting up the Membership Riches blog 🙂

He has a cool $214,352.14 launch under his belt already. We will soon have the figures on this launch too.

BTW, don’t forget that Membership Riches is a one-time purchase with lifetime updates and you are not to pay any monthly fees.

Have You Seen Web Impact Audio by Gary Ambrose?

When I first saw this offer, I snapped it up. I know Gary Ambrose always offers high quality products only. And when I downloaded my copy, my decision was proven right 🙂

You see this is the year of audio. That’s why I want you to explore this cool tool to add audio to your site and boost your response rate and sales incredibly.

What makes this offer so irrestible?

The uncommon combination of quality in a product that comes with full master resale rights.

Gary Ambrose has a history of producing “quality” products – this one is no exception.

And, this product is in-demand.

Oh … there’s one last thing I need to tell you.

You keep 100% of the profit on every sale, and can be selling this brand new product in minutes.

So please, visit the site now. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. Here’s the link to grab Web Impact Audio with resale rights master resale rights.

Please, drop what you’re doing and visit right now.

Claim Your Exclusive Tag at

Social networking and tagging are the hottest trends in the present time. While there are hundreds or even thousands of entries under a tag in these sites, we have launched with a novel concept allowing a website owner to fully own a tag so that a click on the tag takes the visitor directly to the sponsoring website.

These links are direct links without the nofollow directive, allowing the client site to fully enjoy the search engine ranking benefit. We also made sure that there are less than 100 links on the page so that you can get proper SEO advantage from the link.

You don’t even need to have a website. Just claim a popular tag, then point it to an affiliate link to drive the traffic to your favorite merchants’ sites.

This website is remotely inspired by the concept of the ‘million dollar home page’ promoted by a British student but offers high quality text links arranged in a tag cloud like the ones on social bookmarking sites. The tags are randomly displayed and it is possible to highlight the tags with effects like bold, italics, color and mouseover text.

You should register your favorite tags quickly to avoid disappointment, as there are only 97 tags in total.

Sitesell Announces Graduation Gift Offer

Sitesell, developers of Site Build It (SBI) today announced that it has launched a Graduation Gift Special, wherein it offers a second SBI site for only $100 to anyone buying a SBI site till June 30th 2006.

SBI is an all-in-one site hosting, site building and site promotion service that allows the graduates to develop a web business in an area of their choice. They enjoy building their web site because they are passionate about their subject and build a decent income for life, without getting involved in all the techie stuff required for web site building and promotion.

Site Build has been proven to get excellent results for anyone willing to bring a little bit of domain knowledge in any subject to the table.

This graduation gifts’ special doubles up as an excellent gift on the Father’s day, being celebrated on June 18th this year. Gift an SBI site to your father and see him graduate to an independent life where he can pursue activities related to his passion.

See the details of the graduation gifts’ offer here.