Keyword Explosion Introduces The Biggest List For Adwords and Adsense Keyword Research

Keyword Research for both PPC campaigns and building sites for monetizing with Adsense can really benefit with a big keyword list. But what are the important criteria for a good list and does Keyword Explosion meet them?

Jonathan Leger recently introduced Keyword Explosion with 2.1 million keywords. Now there are several Adsense lists on the market and how does Jonathan differentiate his list? He claims it to be the biggest.

While many other lists are based on Overture figures, which are not considered an accurate indicator of the demand because of the large number of automated queries, Keyword Explosion lists are based on Google Adwords figures. Amazing – I just wonder how on earth did he manage to collect demand and bid prices for 2.1 million keyword combinations.

While these lists are quite useful for market research whether you are advertising with Adwords or building content sites for monetizing with Adsense, there are several factors that you must keep in mind while choosing your keyword list.

The primary factors that make a keyword research list worthwhile are —

  1. Exhaustive coverage – different people have interests in different fields. So the list must have lots of keywords from different markets to satisfy all these different people.
  2. Bid price – it is important to have the bid price on Google as most of the users will like to use Adwords while advertising and Adsense while monetizing.
  3. Search volume – terms with $1 per click and high search volumes in excess of 1000 searches per day can make you more money than terms with $50 per click but only 1-2 searches a day. Again the search volume on Google is more important than that on Overture, which most of such lists report.

Keyword Explosion meets all these conditions pretty well. This contains more than 2.1 million keywords categorized in various ways. There are 5 different lists based on different perspectives so that you can choose your niche easily, locate all the terms related to that market and build your site or advertising campaign around that.

The 2-term and 3-term lists are particularly interesting to Adsense marketers as these terms are easier to rank for and provide higher pay out per term than the broad 1-term keyword.

When I suggest my clients to create web sites or blogs for earning money with Adsense, I always tell them to concentrate on tightly focussed niche areas that cover a small section of a big market with a good search volume and a decent pay out. Keyword Explosion lists really come in very handy for this research.

The price of the list is a little on the higher side at $197 (at the time of writing this note). However Jonathan claims that the extensive coverage of the keywords makes it good value for money and customers should be able to recover their investment within a few days. He also offers 100% money back guarantee if you do not find the list to be useful for any reason whatsoever.

If you are planning to build a content-filled site and want to locate some high paying terms for your topic, take a look at Keyword Explosion. May be your Adsense cheques will explode too!

Landing Page Cash Machines – Better Results with Your Adwords Campaigns

Do you run Adwords campaigns to get targeted visitors to your website? How much money do you make per visitor? Did you know that you make much more money from every dollar spent on Adwords? There are some simple secrets to achieve this —

Landing Page Cash MachinesMark Widawer is a qualified Adwords professional and manages Adwords campaign for several of his clients. He had achieved quite nice clickthrough rates and was wondering how to improve the profit from these campaigns even more. After milking Adwords, he turned his attention to the client web site. After analyzing the sites, he found that he could make small changes on the landing pages and improve the response rate so much that the client earns much more per dollar spent on the Adwords.

You see, when a prospect sees your ad, she builds certain expectations in her mind. After clicking, when she gets to see a continuation of the story, a fulfilment of the expectation, she keeps reading and may be accept your offer. However when there is a sharp transition, when she finds an entirely new pitch in the landing page or a plethora of distracting elements, she gets nervous and clicks away.

Yes you can do much better with your Adwords campaigns with these secrets. You can implement small changes in your landing pages and turn your website into an ATM – that spits out cold hard cash whenever visitors click on your ads.

Get the landing page cash machines secrets here.

Press Equalizer Software Launched by Jeff Alderson

Jeff Alderson recently launched Press Equalizer software, for easy writing and distribution of online press releases. You can create effective press releases with an easy to use interface, a simple form where you can provide all the relevant information and sample press releases that you can adapt to your own requirement. Then distribute these through the software itself which lists several prominent online press release sites.

The average web site owners dread writing and distributing press releases writing and distribution because they think it requires an expert to tackle these. Not any more.

SEO pros use online press releases as a powerful site promotion tool. In addition to getting nice bursts of traffic lasting a few days, these result in several one way incoming links which are very useful for search engine ranking. If you have a new site, you can look forward to getting it spidered and indexed very quickly, sometimes even faster than the blog and ping technique.

You can get an introductory discount if you act fast – check out the Press Equalizer software now and start getting new visitors and links to your site.

Easy Site Edit for Site Owners

I know several site owners who would never update their websites because they think it is too much hassle to contact a guy knowing HTML and web design, explain the required changes to him and then wait for the update because the guy is busy – all this at a pretty hefty fee.

Have you been losing business or money because you have not updated your product specs or prices. A friend recently lamented, “I had to sell my Payroll package at 20% lower price because the web site was not updated when I increased the price of the software.”

Easy Site Edit brings hope. This is an easy to use software that you install on your web site and then you can change any aspect or content of your site any time of the day, as many times in a day as you want. Whether you want to update the price, or mention another feature or add a testimonial. All this without the risk of messing up the codes or the look and feel. The software takes an automatic backup of the page being updated, so if you go wrong, just restore the last copy.

“And if I cannot edit my site, how on earth can I install a software on the site”, you might ask. Easy Site Edit people have thought about this also. They offer a 100% FREE installation service to all site owners who require this service.

I liked the concept of being able to take full site backups very much. This allows you to take a snapshot of the whole site and add a comment to this. So you may take a full site backup before embarking on a major site overhaul.

Get started on your site update – it’s easy!

Adwords Dominator – Adwords Management From The Desktop

Chris Lee has launched Adwords Dominator . This is an Adwords campaign management software that can be operated directly from the desktop. Based on the quality of his earlier software like Keywords Analyzer, I expect this to be another top-notch software that delivers an excellent value for money and provides some really cool benefits.

Google released their Adwords API a long while ago but I have not seen any major utilization of this API by any software. Now Adwords Dominator will bring the power of Adwords managment right on the desktop. You can manage all aspects of your Adwords campaign with this software without ever having to log in to your Adwords account.

If you register for the announcement list, you can avail a special pre-release discount as well as grab the software before the others.

Sign up for Adwords Dominator notification list here.

Google Analytics – Powerful Web Stats For FREE

Google today dropped a bombshell by announcing that it is offering its web analytics service absolutely FREE. They had recently bought Urchin, a powerful web statistics software which was being offered for $199 per month.

After improving Urchin much more and adding a tighter Adwords integration (earlier there was a provision for import of the Adwords data), they are now the whole lot of services for FREE. Theoritically there is a limit of 5 million impressions per month (wow!), if you have an Adwords account, you qualify for unlimited impressions. Since there is no minimum Adwords spend stipulated, you can easily get the unlimited impressions package.

There are several rumors on the Internet about the real reason that Google is offering this at no cost. Some claim that Google is trying to take a monopolistic attitude like Microsoft bykilling the competition by the sheer power of its cash reserves.

I feel that Google is looking at the other side of the coin. By integrating all the services like Adwords PPC, Adsense and Analytics, it will be in a position to cross promote one service to users of another. Also it will be easier for Google to catch the people practising black hat SEO and other objectionable methods to get higher rankings and more traffic. The gains in cleaner search results will be much higher than the loss of analytics revenue.

Conservatories Online

A leading business group of United Kingdom is launching a new venture. They are offering people in UK an opportunity to design their dream conservatory online by selecting all aspects like design, colour, number of windows and doors, roof style and like.

Once you finalise your design, you are offered an instant online quote and a special online discount. Then the conservatory is delivered to anywhere in UK free of any shipping charge. Just open the flat boxes and assemble your own conservatory or take the help of a local builder.

They claim that this system of interactively designing the conservatory online is a unique proposition and will become a standard procedure soon for all conservatory marketers.

Design your conservatory online here.

Product Launch Formula Is Launched

It’s live. Jeff Walker has launched his product launch formula with a bang and while the exact figures are not yet available, it appears to have picked up excellent traffic. Here is another trick that Jeff used –

He made it clear on the site that if you subscribed to his launch list, you could get a half-hour advance notice and special buying window. He killed 2 birds with one stone. He built a big list of prospects because anybody who was remotely interested in exploring the package wanted to get the preferential treatment. Also this message gave a sub-conscious signal to the prospects that the package may be sold-out within this half hour window, so they must make their buying decision quick or they may lose out. Excellent way to push the procastrination.

There was a small hiccup though. Jeff sent a note that Paypal site (Jeff is accepting payment by Paypal) went down just after launch (what a concidence!) and therefore, several interested people could not place their orders. I am not sure whether this was really a bad coincidence or Jeff got lower-than-expected response and wanted an excuse to send a mail and push some more fence-sitters.

Jeff Walker Launches *It* Anytime Now

Jeff Walker will make available his product launch formula anytime now. As per his claim, he will only sell 470 or so copies in the first lot as he has only ordered 500 sets to be made in the first edition and 30 were given away to his partners.

Frankly I am not his release partner, so I do not get any commission if you buy his kit. But it should be so good that I have no reservation about recommending this. This is because I have been watching his launch exercise and I am quite impressed.

The thing that impressed me most is this – he has alloted special URLs to his release partners (hand-picked affiliates) and these look so innocent that you will have a tough time identifying these as affiliate URLs.

What do you say about this – (Paul Myer’s URL)

or this – (Allan Gardyne’s URL)

Amazing trick, no? I am sure you will apply such ideas in your promotion too.

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Market Research Before The Launch

Before you launch, may be even before you have created your product, you must find out what does the market want. Every product must serve a demand or fulfil a need, no?

A very useful way to find out the burning needs of a market is to ask. And The Ask Database is a great way to do this. Or you can The Survey Monkey. However you need to have an in-house list of prospects whom you can ask.

Otherwise, you can consider running a PPC campaign and ask the visitors what they want. A very quick way to verify that your ideas really do have the market potential.