New QRCode Generator Software Launched

The Webile (website for mobile access) people have launched a new QRcode generator software as a service. It is free for unlimited use and you can generate QR codes for URLs, email addresses, scan to call links, scan to text links and many more.

But what is a QR code, you may ask.

QR code stands for Quick Response code and is like a 2 dimensional barcode. It carries the information that you encode and a special scanner software (generally called a QRcode scanner) can read it. It then interpretes the type of code and prompts you to take appropriate action. So, if you scan a URL, you are prompted to open it in a browser. If you scan a telephone number, you are prompted to dial the number. And likewise.

Now that you have created your QR code, what can you do with it?

It is very simple, use the traditional forms of mass communication.

  • Paste it on your T-Shirt.
  • Print it on your business letters.
  • Print it on mouse pad and distribute.
  • Paste it on a business flyer.
  • Insert it as an ad in the newspaper.
  • Insert it on your blog site / website.
  • Put it up as a signboard / billboard.
  • Put it up as an ad in the shop window.
  • Paste / print it on your product &/or packaging.
  • Put it up on a big ad balloon for everyone to see.
  • Advertise on the sides of public transport on the road.
  • Advertise on your commercial business truck or bus.
  • Basically, you can paint the whole town with your QR code if possible.
  • Last but not the least – Print it on your business card first.

So, with so much that you can do with your QR code, where do you begin? Generate your own qrcodes here.