Small Business Marketing Ideas by Sean D’Souza

Why customers buy and why not?Sean D’Souza is a man of many abilities. He is a cartoonist and a cook. But most of all, he is a brilliant marketer, specializing in small business marketing. He is known to have pro level understanding of the psychology & working of the marketing brain. True to his wacky style, his company is called You will find some brilliant insights on why customers buy and why they don’t – when you visit the website.

What adds more punch to his work is his love for cartoons. He uses his tremendous talent as an illustrator to further strengthen his marketing ideas, deriving much benefit for his clients. Having begun his copywriting career under the posthumous tutelage of Leo Burnett, Sean has come up with many a books on the psychology behind how customers buy. The most popular one is ‘The Brain Audit’.

Sean has some amazing ideas on why certain marketing strategies work & others don’t. He also has brilliant insights on how small businesses should choose among ideas, what makes them stand apart etc. Do subscribe to the Psychotactics newletter & make your inbox a more happening place!