Wholesale Sunglasses Dealer Launches Party Sunglasses

Wholesale Discount  Sunglasses has launched a wide selection of party sunglasses for the upcoming winter and party season. Sometimes you need to look wild, sometimes fun, depending on the party theme. They have a complete range of themes from “Jester Eyes” to “Elvis Presley” and from “21st birthday party” to “Tequila Shots” to “Mardi Gras” to “Just because”.

Retailers can buy these for sales through their stores in malls and fairs. Even the party organizers can buy in wholesale and hand over one each to their guests. The fun designs are sure to draw attention and put everyone in a light mood. The website sells these through a user-friendly online store that can be accessed at any time of the day and most of the orders are shipped the same day.

They also carries a large range of sunglasses for different occasions and purposes. Get the full details at the website.


Home Solar Panels Save Water Heating Bills

Eco Sash Windows has launched a range of home solar panels that save 50-70% on energy bills for heating water in UK homes. These panels heat the water with the help of solar energy that is freely available. This is an environment-friendly solution that saves money also.

Add the government grants and the fact that the HIP value of your home goes up with the use of roof solar panels and you will see that this is a very smart choice. They offer a nice, long guarantee for additional peace of mind. Go green, stop using the fossil fuels – save money and the environment.

Check out the solar panel based water heating solution.

Rancelab Revamps Retail Software Website

Rancelab, retail software developers, have revamped their web site to make it easier for the users to check all the features and order the software online. The FusionRetail software has several editions from Express to Enterprise, catering from single shops to entire retail store chains.

This software can be used to computerize the inventory and billing at 1 or more retail stores with extensive use of barcode technology to speed up the operations. They even show how furniture shops, sweet shops, salons and spa can increase sales and build lasting customer relations.

There is a complete module for restaurants wishing to simplify table reservations, KOTs and billing. The video gallery carries several videos demonstrating how people are using this retail software to reduce the customer wating time at the check out counters.

Fusion Retail Software Launches New Website

The Fusion Retail software has a new web home. The website discusses about various things to keep in control while running a retail store and the software allows one to get tight inventory control, maximise customer convenience and profit at the same time for the store owner.

They have a special version for the restaurant and food court owners which makes it very easy to manage the restaurant floor with direct in-kitchen KOT printing and easy billing. The table occupancy goes up resulting in more profit for the owner. At the same time, improved customer service results in more repeat visits from the clients.

Get a FREE, no-obligation quote and request a demo.

Recipe for Riches – Better Copywriting – Easily

Jo Han Mok, considered a Master Wordsmith and appreciated by the legendary Jow Vitale has come up with some interesting tips on writingRecipe for Riches by Jo Han Mok copy for your product launches and other promotions.

Apparently, certain words that end with “ly” can be sneakily used in your copy to slowly and hypnotically influence your readers. Obviously, these words easily slip into their minds under their radar and you can clearly see how these words work powerfully as persuasion weapons.

Quite evidently, I’ve already led by example in using all these words in the couple of paragraphs earlier…

* obviously

* clearly

* Slowly

* apparently

* certainly

* easily

* powerfully

* evidently

* Insantly

Spot them? : – ) Then next time you write copy, try sprinkling your copy with a liberal dose of words that end with “ly”.

I think you might easily wind up amazed at how much more ‘hypnotic’ your copy instantly becomes. Hope you found this quick tip useful.

Did I write the above? Frankly no. This comes direct from the horse’s mouth – Jo Han Mok himself. Obviously, if you like what I just shared with you, you’ll clearly be delighted with Jo Han’s brand new “Recipe For Riches” report, which you’ll certainly want to pick up, over at:

==> Get Your Own Copy of Recipe forRiches Report

p.s. The price below $10 will most certainly amaze you for the value it provides. Did I buy it myself? Definitely!

p.p.s. Once you grab the report for yourself, you will get some insider tips into how Jo is exciting his affiliates in promoting this and building himself a buyers’ list.

Nancy Tests Live Blueprints Salesletter With A Short Launch Window

I noticed that Nancy Andrews did a short launch of her Live Blueprints system recently for some early bird registrations. I find this cool way of testing the salesletter in a live situation very interesting.

While she did get some sales for her system, the most important advantage in my opinion is the insight she got into the effectiveness of the salesletter in converting the prospect to customer, the places where the prospects are aborting (the sales letter, the order form etc). This is the exact strategy that direct marketers use and you should definitely try to pmplement this in your marketing campaigns and launches. They send a test mail to a small section of the list and measure the response rate. If the results are acceptable, then only they send the offer to the whole list.

Live Blueprints is going to be finally launched at 12 noon on Wednesday April 23rd 2008 – that’s today – in a few hours from now. Even if you are not planning to learn the powerful SEO strategies she is revealing, you should definitely sign-up and study her sales letter – that will be good education. The Live Blueprints salesletter is here.

Adsense Secrets 4.0: sneaky subscription built in

Joel Comm, the renowned author of Adsense Secrets ebook, has released the version 4.0 of his ebook recently at a super low price ($9.95), which got me puzzled because the earlier versions were priced at $97 (as far as I remember).

When I went to the order form, I realised that I am not only getting the Adsense secrets but a Top 1% report also, which is (surprise, surprise) a monthly subscription of $29.95 per month. This seems to be pretty sneaky as the price is hidden in the top paragraph where people generally repeat what all the cuystomer is going to get (and hardly anyone reads). Most of the buyers will only review the order form, feel glad that they are getting the ebook for a low $9.95 and go ahead with the order.

I really understand and appreciate that one time sale of the ebook is not a great idea and it will really help Joel to get sign-ups to the membership product also, but this should have been made amply clear that the customer is ordering a monthly subscription. If you see the below excerpt from the order form, this is quite mis-leading.


Please remember that the ebook is a very good read and excellent value for money at this price. However you must remember to opt-out of the subcription if you do not intend to continue getting the Top 1% report at $29.95 per month.

Armand Morin Launches Hostorix, the fail safe hosting service

header-hostorix.jpgArmand Morin, a reputed Internet marketer has launched Hostorix – the fail safe hosting at the Big Seminar. He has taken a saturated market like web hosting, added a nice twist of a fail-safe raid server for reliability (that’s so important for the Internet marketing business) and launched it under the twisted name – Hostorix.

Hostorix claims that a redundant server takes over and keeps your web site running and online when the main server has failed for whatever reason. This is technically called a Raid server and distributes the web site content across multiple servers to increase the availability of the system. Some key features that I find very important:

  • Cpanel based configuration management – very easy even for newbies.
  • Fantastico lets you easily install and configure about 50 software.
  • Interactive site builder software – sack your web designer.
  • Unlimited email accounts.
  • Quality log management with Awstats and Urchin – peek into your users’ behavior.
  • Daily site backups so you can relax.

You must check out the full Hostorix offer and sign-up to this rewarding deal. What’s more, you can even refer other friends and/or clients to make a nice residual income per month.


Fast Start Kits – No Excuse To Not Do Things :)


Have you been thinking of doing blogs, press releases and Adwords but never did that because you did not know where to start? You know there are so many ways to get more traffic and business from the Internet but all you need is a little bit of push. Just a few tips to get you over the hump and then you are confident, you can run.

Here’s help! We have recently launched [Fast Start Kits ->http://www.FastStartKits.com] where we offer 2-4 page guides with tips to get you started – so that you can hit the ground running. These are not detailed step by step manuals – these are ways to get you cool results soon so that you can get over your hesitation and explore that tool more confidently.

Visit [Fast Start Kits ->http://www.FastStartKits.com] and download your favorite kits before you get distracted. Don’t forget to tell us what else you want covered. We will appreciate your comments whether you like or dislike the kits.

The Death of Internet Marketing :: Or How To Make Your Point With Shock!

Mike Filsaime’s recent launch of The Death of Internet Marketing Report comes quick on the heels of The Death of Adsense. This is the next in the series of ‘The Death’ reports, which you might soon be seeing like The Death of SEO, The Death of Web Hosting, The Death of autoresponders and The Death of ebooks. I think the primary reason for this is the October 2006 phenomenon that Mike talks about in his report. There have been so many launches in the Internet marketing space recently that the newsletter subscribers have become jaded. You need to use shock and awe to draw the attention of the people – or else they will not download your report. If you want to build a list quickly, soon you may find that offering a quality report may not be enough. You will need to offer cash incentive (Mike is offering $1 to you if you directly refer someone and $1 on your 2nd tier). Scott Boulch (author of The Death of Adsense) offered $0.50. So let us how far we can go in this game of upmanship. By The Way, you may end up shelling out 1000s of dollars quickly if your report goes viral. And if you are offering a cash incentive to refer plus a quality report like Mike does, be assured that it will turn viral. So you must have a very strong back-end offer for the subscribers if you want to recoup your investment. I noticed that Mike is offering his Butterfly manuscript. He is also running a cool survey which will give very interesting stats about the big need of the hour. If you run such a survey and then create quality products to fulfill this need, you may soon have some cool winners at hand. Download the FREE report – the Death of Internet Marketing by Mike Filsaime.