Sheepskin Slippers and Moccasin Boots

If you are looking for sheepskin slippers for men, women and children or nice sheepskin boots, you can check out a large range at their online store. While they also sell sunglasses, their focus is on providing a range of sheepskin accessories for you. There are moccasin slippers for men and women as well booties for the children.

They also have a large range of motorcycle seat covers and sheepskin covers for exercise bikes to fit different seat types and sizes to avoid butt sores – they keep warm in winter and cool in summer.

The online store provides a convenient way to order at any time of your convenience. You must definitely check out the article on care and maintenance of the sheepskin products.

Akademia International School launches in Kolkata

Akademia International School, Kolkata is a new international school launched in Kolkata, India. While strictly not a product launch, it is interesting to know about this school and their plans.
Keeping in mind the lack of enough high quality schools, the promoters are setting up the school with a rigorous academic curriculum, well-defined co-curricular programme, experienced faculty members, and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The education a child receives at Akademia will be truly international.
The School will commence its first academic session in March 2011. Located only 15 kms away from the National Library in Alipore, it is a day boarding school with widespread Academic, Athletic, Activity and Anciliary zones.
The admissions open in October 2010.

Tap Mobile Marketing – Get an iPhone Compatible Site for Your Business

iPhone friendly web sitesHave you noticed that a large number of people are buying the smartphones like iPhones, Blackberries and Android (from Google) based phones? Apple recently sold more than 3 millions of iPhone 4. Add the iPhone3, iPhone 3GS and the older versions, and you will know how many people are on the move… accessing the Internet from their mobile device rather than their desktop.

This poses an entirely new challenge for your marketing. If you access your web site from these devices, you will notice that your beautifully designed web site is not loading properly, it gets to microscopic size and needs lots of scrolling left and right, up and down.

When you need to push your sales message across to this ever-increasing army of people, you need a specially designed, mobile friendly web site that tells its story in small sentences, focusing on the key message. The layout also needs to be easy to work with, given the small screen size of a mobile phone.

Get the expert designers from Ebizindia to develop a special mobile-friendly version of your web site and see the difference it makes to your marketing reach. Get the mobile site development details here.

Brand Protection – get your .co name

Do you know that the .co domain names have been relaunched recently? While .co is actually meant for a business in Colombia, it is getting very popular because it is so similar to .com and can stand for a COmmercial site or a COmpany.

There are 2 ways you can benefit from the .co domain names:

  1. You can buy the .co name for your business if you already own the .com to protect the brand. You don’t want someone breathing down your neck with a deceptively similar name.
  2. You can buy the .co name if you did not get .com name when you started off. You can also keep watching for the .com name so that you can grab it if the owner forgets to renew it or decides to sell it off.

Also you can reserve the .co name for your main keywords (better hurry as the keyword rich names are disappearing fast). It is an open secret that Google gives a lot of priority to sites with keywords in the domain name when ranking the sites.

We have put up a few .co names for sale here. Check out if any of these interest you. You can get them cheap if you make a good offer. Naturally they will become more expensive after they have aged a little.

Product Launch Formula – Apply Process, Increase Sales

How to sell online? Get a product, put up a sales letter and do some marketing here and there. You may get your first sale. May be a few more. What next? Can a formula help?

If you are looking to get massive sales figures and laugh all the way to the bank, you need to apply a process to your sales system. You have to build anticipation, get people to talk about you, may be even leak some spy-photos. You need to have a solid sales letter (or a classic web site) that talks to your prospects’ hidden desires (wants, not needs). Some affiliates promoting your products can do wonders to your topline and bottomline. Yada, yada.

But who is the best coach to learn all this from? How about Jeff Walker who is the brain behind several million dollar launches? Including his own PLF 3 launch which has already crossed 2.2 million dollars. Remember the first Internet based million dollar launch by John Reese? Jeff was behind that as well. And the ones by Frank Kern. Again Jeff helped him rake up more than a million in a day.

Don’t misunderstand me. You may not be targeting for million dollar days but just a few hundred sales. Jeff’s Product Launch formula has also helped people who are only looking for 1,000s and 10,000s of dollars in sales. However you definitely need to apply a simple process to sell 10s and 100s of times more than you have planned for.

Bad news: I hate it but I have to share a small piece of bad news with you. Jeff is closing doors to the Product Launch Formula 3.0 tonight and if you don’t get your feet in right away, you may be missing out on using this super-effective process to increase your turnover.

ONE MORE THING: In addition to the entire all-new Product Launch Formula 3.0 course,  Jeff has also added some really cool extra bonuses to the mix…check them out:

1. A brand-new full-blown course on how to build and profit from a list – this is his “Launching Your List” course.

2. An all-new course on Product Creation that will take you from start to finish and get you your own products.

3. Plus your own custom hand-picked Mastermind Group setup.

I highly recommend that you at least check out the way Jeff is showing how he can make a difference to your sales and finances. I call it the world’s smallest sales letter. Do you agree?

P.S. it’s been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in virtually every niche you can think of. You can join these winners. Go here: Product Launch Formula 3.0

Product Launch Blueprint: FREE PDF and Video

If you are launching a product (and you should, if you are not planning to yet), do not forget to download the Product Launch Blueprint (FREE PDF) and watch this video where Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula reveals a simple, step by step plan that you can follow.

Frankly, you have to opt-in with your email address but that’s OK because if you do not like to receive any further emails from him, it is a 1-click unsubscribe. However if you are planning to launch a product online, you might consider joining his PLF 3 coaching program which will make you a master in the art of launching successful products.

Which way you go, quit or stick, you will learn a valuable lesson with the blueprint. Go for it!

P.S. There’s even a hidden “resources” section that Jeff must have snuck in at the last second – it doesn’t show up in the training video, but it’s in the actual Blueprint. And to remind you, there are no hidden sign-ups to continuity programs or any such junk. No payment required for the blueprint.

Product Launch Formula Used by iPhone 4 Launch

I have talked about the Product Launch Formula from Jeff Walker. His guide works for entrepreneurs, small and big and works like a charm. However you will love to see his notes on Apple’s launch of the iPhone 4. Or shall we say the pre-launch that got almost a million phones sold on a pre-order basis. So you pay and wait, not get the delivery right away. And people are falling over one another to pre-order.

So what’s the secret? How does this formula help you set up a few of your own launches and get them wildly successful? Watch the video (you do not need to sign-up to anything to see this video) but you will like to sign-up anyway. To be the first to know when more such insider videos are launched. Please go and watch the video before he takes it down. Jeff loves to make things scarce.

Catering and Hospitality Services from, providers of catering services in Albuquerque for corporate and social events have recently redesigned their website to showcase their services in a more detailed and organized way.

They can take care of the food menu, arrangements and decorations at your product launch party or business meetings in Albuquerque and Santa Fe (New Mexico).

If you have a wedding in family or a baby shower, bridal shower or even a retirement celebration, you can assign them the responsibility of making all arrangements (decoration, food and serving). This leaves you completely free to attend to your guests, making the event much more successful.

Hanif Tajdin, the owner personally participates in all the planning and puts a special touch to the arrangements to suit the occasion. The following quote from a client speaks it all.

“Hanif was very easy to work with, and he paid close attention to detail. Hanif and his serving staff were professional and knowledgeable. The food smelled wonderful from the moment they brought it into our home, and the mix of spices was delicious. Everyone at the party enjoyed the food, from the fruit and cheese plate, to the chicken, kababs, and roast, to the delectable desserts.

It was a big hit! Hanif and his staff assisted guests, cleared empty dishes, and cleaned up efficiently and thoroughly after the party. We were very happy to have Hanif cater our party!” – Kitty Sedam

Check out this catering service for your own functions and events.

Personalised gifts site launched

Prestowonders recently launched their web site for online selling of personalised gifts like photo gifts, photo frames and custom rubber stamps. There is a large collection of gifts for personal or corporate use and most of these can be personalised for the receiver so as to create a much higher liking for your gift.

Their corporate gifts range includes clocks and attractive photo frames that be inscribed with the sender and receiver’s name. There are awards, plaques and trophies for the company awards ceremony.

They also accept online payment via credit cards and Paypal, so that you can order your chosen items online.

Atlanta Web Design and Development Company

iQuest Atlanta Web design now offers SEO services and Ecommerce web development to clients in Atlanta. They have had some very satisfied clients for their affordable web design services. They actively engage in social media marketing in addition to the classic promotion to get the best out of the traditional and modern outlooks, resulting in a nice traffic stream for their clients.

iQuest also offers a suite of graphic design services to complement their Internet marketing offers.